Amy Winehouse Has Another Nipply Boob-Slip


Oops! Here is Amy Winehouse suffering from a huge boob slip last week in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Amy Winehouse and her out of control breast implants are in South America to kick off her big comeback. She enjoyed a trouble-free night on Saturday during her first live and full public performance since 2008. She didn't collapse during the concert, bungle the entire set, attack a concert goer or flash her private parts while on stage. The flashing of the private parts came a few days earlier as a semi-lucid Amy was photographed on the balcony of the hotel Santa Teresa with her breasts fully exposed. But the concert went without incident so tats the big surprise...

After a series of public fights, drunken fall down nights on the town, overdose, rehab, marriage/hubby in jail, divorce, and countless other acts worthy of tabloid attention, the Winehouse is back. But don't worry, she has not completely changed. She may have quit drugs, but there is still one nasty habit that Amy is finding pretty hard to kick; flashing her boobs. Usually we get to see Amy with only one nipple exposed but here she is in all her full crackhead glory almost passed out in the middle of the day with both boobs hanging out. Just how wasted do you have to be to sit there like that? Yup, this is pretty disgusting...

Many people are really not sure why the paparazzi would take photos of this sad scene, but got to pay the rant sh here is Amy Winehouse so drunk out of her mind that she f
ailed to realize that her boobs were hanging out. She was so smashed that even if she did realize that her boobs were hanging out of her bikini she wouldn't even care. And adding injury to insult, her body guards failed to inform her of the situation. LOL... And now she has huge freaking fake boobs to distract the public from her massive drug use and alcohol abuse. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Via Youtube, during the comeback concert in Brazil Amy Winehouse performs "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" below:


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Amy Jade Winehouse (born September 14, 1983 in Southgate, London, England) is an English soul, jazz, and R&B singer-songwriter.