Charlie Sheen Unleashed: I'm Not Taking It Anymore!


Here is actor Charlie Sheen stirring controversy while delivering an on air rant during an interview on the Alex Jones Show. During the on air radio rant, Sheen criticized the producer of his hit CBS television sitcom Two and a Half Men and almost everyone else. This is Charlie Sheen being totally awesome on the Alex Jones radio program. And by 'awesome' I really mean fucking insane. Note to self: Don't do a shit load of the finest blow imported from Columbia and then call into a live radio program to be interviewed. Either Charlie Sheen is fucking nuts or the last shipment of cocaine was just too strong. No kidding... this is the most amazing 45 minutes of radio ever! Alex Jones is now internationally famous for scoring this epic and totally fucking insane interview. This maybe the low point of Sheen's career but Jones is going to skyrocket to his pinnacle after giving the world this total awesome madness. Truly cocaine is some amazing stuff.

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Part 3 of 3:

This is the best anti-drug advertisement ever!


Wiki Bio


Carlos Irwin Estevez (born September 3, 1965 in New York City, New York, U.S.A), better known by his stage name Charlie Sheen, is an American actor.

His character roles in films have included Chris Taylor in the 1986 Vietnam War drama Platoon, Jake Kesey in the 1986 film The Wraith, and Bud Fox in the 1987 film Wall Street. His career has also included more comedic films such as Major League, the Hot Shots! films, and Scary Movie 3 and 4. On television, Sheen is known for his roles on two sitcoms: as Charlie Crawford on Spin City and as Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men. As of 2010, Sheen was the highest paid actor on television, earning $1.8 million per episode of Two and a Half Men.

Sheen's personal life has also made headlines numerous times, due to marital problems and his various bouts with drug addiction. His role on Two and a Half Men was loosely based on this image. Production on that series has been halted twice due to Sheen's substance abuse, first in 2010 when Sheen entered a rehab facility, and again in January 2011 following his hospitalization and another stay in rehab. CBS cancelled the remainder of the show's 2011 season on February 24, 2011, after Sheen gave an interview to Alex Jones in which he verbally attacked show creator Chuck Lorre.