Sophie Anderton Topless Candids From Turkey


Here is British prostitute model turn reality TV personality Sophie Anderton topless candids while on vacation in Turkey last few days of December to bring in the New Year. Wow, who knew Turkey was a hotspot for topless sunbathing? Anyhow here is an interesting fact about Sophie, did you know? In 2004, Sophie Anderton was forced by a police investigation to admit to having sex for £5,000, arranged by a brothel madam in Florence. Since then Sophie Anderton has spoken candidly about how she became a high-class hooker to fund her drug habit. Yup, after her £30,000 per week modeling career dried up she allegedly turn to the world's oldest profession to maintain her extravagant lifestyle and addiction. Recalling the first time she was paid for sex, she said: "It was all over in two minutes. I lay there thinking, 'Is that it? For £15k, is that it?'" Sophie said: "For a short while I sold my body for a lot of money. I'm not proud of it."

At the time she was drinking a bottle of vodka every night and using cocaine every day. She said she turned to prostitution after an introduction from a girlfriend when her money ran out and she needed to pay her dealer. But she decided to quit after a bad experience with a fat businessman who made her feel "sick". She said: "I had slept with five men and made more than £50,000, which paid my drug debts and a deposit on a flat. Now I could escape." So you have to wonder if the guy she is with in the topless candids below is a new paying customer or a boyfriend. Either way, I think this guy is paying big bucks to have this once "it-girl" washed-up cokewhore ex-model to be with him and show off her tits. Must be his girlfriend because who the hell would take a chick out for dinner that he was paying for sex. Not to mention the whole vacation thing... By the way, Turkey is a Muslim country with chicks sunbathing topless poolside at a hotel without a worry in the world. I think Turkey is awesome... LOL. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


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Sophie Anderton (born May14, 1977 in Bristol, England) is an English model and reality television personality.

She became famous in 1996 after appearing in the provocative Gossard Glossies "Girl in the grass" national advertising campaign shot by Herb Ritts, with the strapline "Who said a woman couldn't get pleasure from something soft?". The campaign attracted a record number of complaints (321) to the Advertising Standards Authority, none of which were upheld. The ASA later found out that the majority of complaints came from women who had never seen the ads, and had been encouraged to write in by an outraged newspaper columnist. Earnings of £30,000 per week propelled her into the ranks of the it-girls and allowed her to lead a lifestyle of parties, drugs and sex. The UK tabloid press reported this in detail, even more so when she became addicted to cocaine, had a tumultuous affair with footballer and fellow addict Mark Bosnich, and became involved in prostitution.