Egyptian Dance

Let expand our cultural horizons. These are dance clips from Egypt.

Sorry if you don't enjoy this but the new blog is not ready yet. Sorry I am killing time by watching various cultural song and dance videos from around the world till then. Yeah, I need a vacation but not going back to Egypt anytime soon sadly! Anyway, I was not planning on blogging on Blogger again but the Malaysian government seem to be have trouble blocking this blog. I wonder why? LOL.. I might test if they are stilling trying to delete it and if they do get to remove it again I will just put it up again. LOL... The assholes have deleted the main but like 6 times and they deleted nearly 500 other blogs that were in reserve. LOL... Since I don't have the new blog yet my new hobby is watching vids on youtube. One good thing about not having the new blog yet is that I am actually working. I don't want to fucking work, damn Malaysian politicians.