The Sons of Malaysia's Rich and Powerful


Hey Malaysia, we are stilling waiting for more of those leaked racy photos of Elizabeth Wong. But until then lets check out these photos that were first sent to the back in October 2008. They didn't seem too scandalous to be posted on this blog but it turns out they do show some illegal activities going on by the sons of people peeople. These pictures show the son of Nazri Aziz and the son of Seri Najib enjoying themselves womanizing and boozing it up. These guys are the sons of big time politicians in Malaysia so the Malaysian fans of the have been sending in these pictures for some time now. The Najib kid seem to be drunk as hell 50% of the time but that Anak Nazri dude seem like he is constantly wasted. Muslim laws in the country seem to apply differently for different classes of people. Because I do think alcohol and womanizing is strictly illegal under Sharia law. Luckily these guys are rich and politically connected so bring on the sluts and the wine. Fuck, these dudes might one day grow up to rule the country but they might want to keep the great life style instead. If I were these guys I would be doing the same shit including making my girlfriend make out with other girls when I am not fucking those other girls. But one do wonder what Sharia law has to say about threesomes and girl on girl kissing lesbo action and unmarried relations. BTW, are these dudes swapping girlfriends or what? Click on pictures to enlarge.


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