This is Now The 5th Time Google Deleted The Blog

I am an American being CENSORED by the Malaysian Government with the Help of Google!

They just block the last blog again for the fifth time. Just remember the Facebook page at: About 3000 people have already request friend adds within the last 12 hours, you all will be added in time. We will put info on the new restore blog there as soon as the new blog is up. We will put info on the new restore blog there. Most likely it will be under the url but we have a few other domain names to chose. If you are still missing the blog in a few weeks just drop a line at and you will get a reply with the info.

Google like to brand itself as a champion of free speech but we now know Google is only a champion of getting paid. I don't blame Google, I too like getting paid. But Google need to stop the lie that its a champion of free speech. Most people did not even sign up for Google, we signed up for Blogger when it was an independent company. Blogger was a real champion of free speech until Google took it over. Now Google just took over Feedburner and we are already seeing the chilling affects of that management change. Malaysian politicians wanting to hide their secrets is not a surprise but Google assisting them is an interesting development.

Like Google, Malaysian politicians like to champion causes that they do not take serious for themselves when no one is looking. Some Malaysian politicians like to brand themselves as a champions of Sharia laws, But they get mad when pictures of them breaking their own laws that they passed and imposed on others with brutal force is posted on a blog. These are the stupid pictures of Malaysian politicians and their family breaking the laws they imposed on others that is causing Google to block the blog:

Here are some of the photos of the sons that got the blog blocked the second time: