Hong Kong Little Nurse Home Care Naughty Show


Here is a sweet chick from Hong Kong relaxing at home with her lover and putting on a little naughty show. The anonymous contributor that sent this set in says she is a nurse in Hong Kong. So if you are ever in Hong Kong you might want to hurt yourself repeatedly to get checked into every hospital there just to find her. Wish we had a shot of her fully dress in her nurse uniform in the hospital. Anyway, send more interesting pics and videos (of individuals 18 year-old or older) from Hong Kong to whiteroboro@gmail.com ASAP. Would be nice if you could share a set of your own with a naughty Asian nurse... With a photo of her in an official uniform and perhaps a shot of her on the job in the hospital. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Source: http://www.blogywoodbabes.blogspot.com


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Thanks to an anonymous contributor.