Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang Leaked Bedroom Photos With Raymond Lam


Famous Chinese model Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang (潘霜霜) was exposed in racy bed photos with ex-boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung (林峰) after they were leaked in last months issue of Hong Kong's Next Magazine. Raymond Lam is a 31-year-old popular Hong Kong actor and singer. From the camera angle, it appears that Mavis took the photos while Raymond was sleeping. The bed photos created a stir in Hong Kong and are said to have hurt Raymond's feelings deeply. When reporters confronted Raymond about the photos, he admitted that he was previously engaged in a serious relationship with Mavis.

On March 16, 2011, Next Magazine exposed scandalous photos of popular Hong Kong actor-singer Raymond Lam Fung sleeping intimately on a bed beside 24-year-old model-actress Mavis Pan Shuangshuang, nicknamed "Little Shu Qi" for her voluptuous figure and her full pouty lips. After the public exposure of the private photos, Raymond Lam admitted that he had dated Pan Shuang Shuang for several months, but he did not know that photographs were taken while he was sleeping. Raymond Lam said he and his ex-girlfriend Pan Shuang Shuang had a peaceful breakup and had not spoken to each other since. Raymond was asked if he had contacted Mavis. He said: “No! She SMS me, but I didn’t respond to her!” He also does not believe the reports saying that Mavis married a foreigner named John in 2009 and had a son.

The leaked bedroom photos have created a huge buzz and media frenzy. It has turned into a scandal that Lam can do without. The leak
dubbed "Bed Photos" incident became an Internet sensation after being uploaded online. Many people in Hong Kong are now calling Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang "The Second Edison Chen". In response to the scandal, Pan Shuang Shuang denied the accusation that she deliberately spread her bed photos with Raymond Lam in order to get more fame.

However, the voluptuous
Pan Shuang Shuang claims that the photos were leaked because she left her mobile phone at a hair salon six months ago. "How wouldn't he know that I took photos of both of us?" Pan Shuang Shuang asked the Hong Kong journalists who were questioning her. "My love for him was serious. I know that a lot of people think I want to use him to become famous. I’m very upset too".

Pan Shuang Shuang indicated that she dropped her cellphone by accident at the hairdresser half a year ago, that could be the reason why the bed photos were circulated now. "I hope people will slowly find out the truth. I loved this man, and believe he loved me too. There must be a reason why things have turned out like this today." devastated Pan Shuang Shuang added.

Actor-singer Raymond Lam revealed with tears that the pair even met each other's parents during their dating. However, due to Raymond's hectic schedule and differences in their personalities, the two ended up splitting up. Raymond also told the media that the "Bed Photos" scandal hurt him the most since he enteried the entertainment industry. Reflecting on his past relationship with Mavis, Raymond's eyes brimmed with tears. He indicated that the leaking of the intimate photos really hurt him. Raymond stated that he was unaware that photographs were taken while he slept.

In regards to future relationships, Pan Shuang Shuang stated that she would still take intimate photos as usual. Raymond said he will let fate determine his future relationships and will not purposely avoid what Mavis did to him. He added that he would not take legal action against Her. He has not contacted the model since they parted ways with the relationship.

"Are there even more exposed bed photos?" the media asked Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang. "No! No! No!" Pan Shuang Shuang firmly denied. Inevitably, the "Bed Photos" scandal has brought more fame to Chinese model-actress Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang. Right after the photo leak, Mavis said in an interview that “my ex-boyfriend loved to take photos of me.” Was she implying Raymond? Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang, nicknamed Little Shu Qi, (潘霜霜) (born April 3, 1987 in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China) is a Chinese model and actress. On March 16, 2011, a Hong Kong magazine exposed scandal photos of popular Hong Kong actor-singer Raymond Lam Fung 林峰 sleeping intimately on a bed beside Pan Shuang Shuang.

Visual Stats

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Measurements: 36D 24 36

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