Unknown Malaysian Businessman Just Bought $4.8 Billion Golden Yacht


Wow... I can't bring myself to believe this story but it is in The Daily Mail so I am going with it anyway. According to reports today, an anonymous Malaysian businessman has just bought a luxury yacht for almost five billion U.S. dollars. He reportedly spent $4.8 billion on a megayacht made of platinum and gold, making it the most expensive yacht ever sold. It took three years to complete and is covered in 100,000 kilograms of precious metals, according to The Daily Mail.

The boat, named the "History Supreme", is the work of Stuart Hughes, a British purveyor of high-end luxury items and gadgets including diamond encrusted iPhones and the toy Bugatti Veyron Diamond Limited Edition, which itself is partially made from 24-carat gold, platinum and diamonds. Yup, a $3 million model car... The"History Supreme" project was commissioned for Stuart Hughes of the Liverpool by an anonymous leading Malaysian businessman. This Baia One Hundred (standing for 100") yacht is covered in platinum and gold, from the hull to the anchor, including the deck, rails, and dining area.

The master bedroom is particularly lavish; it's adorned in platinum and has wall art made of meteoric stone and genuine Dinosaur bone from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. And at a whooping £3 billion or $4.8 billion, the "History Supreme" has gone down in history as the most expensive vessel ever built for private use. You can see more details on the boat at Stuarthughes.com if you are interested in one of your own.

So now everyone is asking about this unknown Malaysian billionaire. Here is a list of top 10 billionaires in Malaysia as of 2011, published by Forbes:

Rank Name Net Worth (US$ billions)
1) Robert Kuok 12.5
2) Ananda Krishnan 9.5
3) Lee Kim Hua 6.6
4) Lee Shin Cheng 5.0
5) Quek Leng Chan 4.8
6) Teh Hong Piow 4.7
7) Yeoh Tiong Lay 2.7
8) Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary 2.5
9) Vincent Tan 1.25
10) Tiong Hiew King 1.2

We can instantly eliminate the bottom 6 seeing as the person at the number 5 position on the list is only worth $4.8 billion which is what the yacht is valued. We can also eliminate the fourth person seeing as this boat would tie up nearly all his worth. So the buyer must be Robert Kuok, Ananda Krishnan or Lee Kim Hua... Or a secret Malaysian billionaire that Forbes missed this year. But I am thinking Stuart Hughes must have overstated the sale price of this boat. The richest Malaysian person on the Forbes Billionaire List would have to spend nearly 1/3 of his wealth to buy this boat. I don't see that happening... Click on pictures to enlarge.

Source: http://www.blogywoodbabes.blogspot.com


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