Amber Heard is bloody gorgeous

This is Amber Heard. Amber Heard is bloody gorgeous. We just thought we’d underline that, so you’re fully aware of what’s at stake here.
Amber Heard for Drive Angry
So just sit down and listen because this is IMPORTANT
Why is Amber Heard hanging around in an old-looking car looking all sultry? There are a plethora of reasons – breakdown, new job as a car spokesmodel, new job in a boring car showroom, new job as an ineffective roadside repair operative – but all of them are false save for one.
Amber Heard is car-based for this photoshoot on behalf of hellbound grindhouse shotgun extravaganza Drive Angry, wot is out on DVD soon. The promoters considered having Nicolas Cage stand around in denim hot pants instead to try and flog a few more units, but unfortunately he ended up looking a bit daft and has really hairy legs. Wisely, they plumped for Amber Heard, which is something we can all be grateful for.
Amber Heard for Drive Angry
Really, really grateful
We never got round to actually watching Drive Angry (but we did watch the trailer) but it actually looks pretty good, you know. In a daft sort of way. It might just be that Nicolas Cage has found his current niche – like previous devil-themed road movie Ghost Rider, it’s an action film that doesn’t seem to take itself at all seriously. And as Nic’s 'serious' acting credentials seemed to check out around the time he shot Con Air, he’s just the man for the job.
So, to summarise – Amber Heard is bloody gorgeous. She is in a car. Enjoy the pictures.