Carli Banks Naked Pictures In Penang Buddhist Temple Scandal


Carli Banks invades Malaysia with her pink pussy? Rumors are a Buddhist temple in Penang (Kek Lok Si) was the location of a pornographic photo shoot with pornstar Carli Banks. Many Malaysians are furious over this controversy and the disrespect of the house of worship. And by disrespect I mean Carli is seen stripping naked and exposing her her pink pussy at the alter in the temple. But trustees at the temple in Penang say it is not true and several Chinese language newspaper have investigate the matter in dept and agree with them. But still the scandal roar on and the pictures are circulating like wildfire in Southeast Asia as "Western Girl Shows Breasts in Penang Temple Photos" via email. The Star report:
Temple trustees see red over revealing pictures

The circulation of an e-mail containing a dozen revealing photographs of a young Caucasian woman supposedly praying at the Kek Lok Si Temple has left the temple trustees steaming.

They denied that the pictures were shot inside their temple and claimed that some mischievous people were trying to tarnish the name of one of Penang’s tourist icons.

Temple trustee Datuk Steven Ooi said they were aware of the claims but ruled out that the pictures were shot inside the temple.

“Someone is out to smear the good name of the temple, which is one of the state’s popular tourist attractions,” he said when contacted.

Ooi said a comparison of the pictures with the temple’s internal and external features, including the Buddha statues, showed that they could not have been taken at the Kek Lok Si Temple.

“It is almost impossible for the woman to pull off such a stunt inside the temple because it is busy with visitors, nuns and monks most of the time.”

The 12 e-mail pictures show the young woman clad in a blouse and short skirt, exposing her panties and breasts while performing prayers.

Ooi said the temple would not make a police report because they do not want to be dragged into a controversy.

Actually these pictures have been circulating on the net for at least two years now. And they were in fact shot in a real Buddhist temple and not on a movie set. The FTV Girls description of the spread reads:
Carli looks delectable as she poses in a brown and white lace tank top and a short khaki skirt with pleats. She's in a Buddhist temple, but she just can't help get naked. Her breasts make the first appearance and her pussy follows shortly.

The set was added to their website on January 1, 2007 so the pictures where taken in late 2006. Some say these nude pictures were shot in Penang but others say Honolulu, Hawaii. I tend to believe Hawaii is the correct location. One thing is for sure, it is a real Buddhist temple. And according to a tip, apparently Carli Banks also filmed a masturbation video in the very same temple! Click on pictures to enlarge.



Carli Banks (born November 16, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.) is an American adult film star and pornographic model. She is 5'5" tall and weigh 108lbs with the measurements of 34C-24-32.

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