Eliza Dushku’s viral video: Check out the one-take action sequence

Oh hey, Eliza Dushku kicking butt and taking names!
The Joss Whedon darling appears in a brand new viral video by Freddie Wong alongside Jayson Floyd, in which a Wong’s “protege” (Floyd) busts out an impressive one-shot action sequence.
(Meaning there’s just one camera with one take).
Dushku, of course, plays the awesome chick who shows up the tough guy — a role she’s no stranger to. Stunts were done by Action Factory.
In an amusing behind-the-scenes video, we see the team scrambling to clean up some dog “dookie” before Elijah shows up.
“Normally, we’d be men, and just smell it,” they say. “But since she’s coming, we’ve got to clean up.”
The glamour of filmmaking, ladies and gentlemen.
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