Singaporean Model Melissa Faith Yeo Got New Boobs But Still A Cutie Pie


Remember that picture that was posted of with a line requesting more info of a chick in it? Melissa Faith Yeo is her name. Apparently she is a model along with every other girl in Singapore. Anyway, people sent in her info and her blog address so I was able to see more of her modeling work. She has a wide mouth like Cameron Diaz or Gina Gershon back when she was young and hot in the 90's. Wide mouths on pretty faces are useful and also give great smiles. Melissa Faith Yeo is about 23 and apparently has done a lot of modeling.

I only had this one picture of Melissa Faith Yeo before so I didn't really know if she was this cute or it was just a one off lucky picture of her looking really hot. The one in a million kind of picture that everything came together just right to make a chick that is about 4 or 5 look like she is a 9. Or she was wearing the sexiest outfit so she stand out better then the others. Anyhow, on her blog her modeling pictures range from what I like to what I don't like but that is to be expected from a model right? I am not disappointed, she is very nice and she doesn't do some of the annoying things appearance wise as some other chicks from Singapore. BTW, she is the one wearing a black skirt and a bluish-green top standing next to Kay Kay to the far left with a big smile on her face in the picture:

Fucking totally bangable. Digitally enlarged so we are clear which one we are talking about here:

She totally stole the picture standing next to 5 other girls one of which I think is Miss Singapore. But I said hopefully she doesn't have a tattoo hidden somewhere. Well turns out she doesn't have a tattoo but something nearly as bad. Breast implants! Unfortunately she just got implants just a few days before her info was sent to me. On a side note, she updated her stats from 32A-24-34 to 32B-24-34 with the 32B in bold. LOL.. No worries, she is still acceptable. Interesting enough, she has blogged about her breast enhancement surgery in much detail with pictures no less. Nearly all Singaporean models (80-90%) get surgically enhancement in one way or another but they are usually secretive about it like it is a matter of national security. Melissa is open about her's and fully document it on her blog. She writes:

I could finally wear a sports bra! Well, granted I didn't have a choice because my bandages were slipping off but it was good to be able to wear a sports bra and still feel as "safe". Although it wasn't stuffed with cotton and wasn't as comfortable, it was lighter and worked as well. It gave a lot of support-something I realised I NEED. Because...

OMG I FINALLY HAVE A CHEST THAT NEEDS SUPPORT!!!! Hahahahhahahahhahahahahahaha!

*Warning: Dangerous curves ahead.
OK, not so much that but please don't freak out when you see the photo with my bruises. It's nothing gory at all but pretty graphic still. So if you're a pussy who'll go, "OMG! OMG! EEEEEE! EEEE! EEEEE! EEEE!" close this window now.

Pretty funny. I think the openness is a preemptive strike against her foes preventing them from using it against her in the same fashion of Obama admitting the use of a ton of cocaine in his book. Well played Melissa, well played. LOl. And here are the pictures starting with some pre-implant shots then the bandages and bruises. The last picture below following the commercial shoot has a good shot of her new cleavage. Enjoy. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Last photos of old a-cup boobs:

The hospital:

Getting ready for the knife:

First pictures of new b-cup boobs and test fitting outfits:

Thanking the staff:

The bill and other documents.

Some pre-implant commercial modeling work.

And here are the new eye candy. Fake boobs are good for seeing not feeling so they might very well help her modeling career. Even though I hate fake tits like the plague, I must admit they do look spectacular. LOL!

Visit her blog because these pictures were ripped from there.


Melissa Faith Yeo (born December 12, 1985 in Singapore) is a Singaporean model and beauty queen. Melissa Faith Yeo is pursuing a degree in Communication and English Studies at UniSIM. She has done commercials and ads for Starhub, I-weekly magazine, Fujifilm Z10 camera, The Breeze condo, Lee Hwa Jewellery (vignette), Caltex, McDonald's McGriddles, Eu Yan Sang bird's nest, Emirates Airlines, Electrolux home appliances and Canon Selphy printer.