Malaysian "LALA" Bully Girls Behaving Badly On Video


This need to brought to the attention of parents and/or police before some one get hurt or kill. Someone seeing this should be able to identify those involved and report it to the local authorities before its too late.

Damn, these girls are violent and heartless as hell. These young girls from Malaysia think they are real gangsters. When it come to a country's faith, they say show me your children and I will show you your future. Malaysia better watch out because the future in this video is looking pretty dim. At least I think its from Malaysia but a lot of people say this video is Singaporean but most say it is Malaysian. I am sure some one will recognize the villains if not the victim and confirm where it if from thus making the proper authorities aware. People have asked for this to be posted to bring it to the attention of the authorities, only thing is needed now is comments from people in the know. People sending in this video describe the group of bully we see as "Lala girls" and most say this took place in Malaysia.

I don't fully know the truth but hopefully someone will see this and will be able to leave the true story in the comments. This video remind me of a similar video but of a bunch of American girls beating the shit out of a single girl a year or so ago.
Those doing the beating in that case were all arrested. Like that video, this video is kinda painful to watch. Anyway, a few download links are listed below just in case someone recognize the bullies and want to bring the video to the attention of the police. Click to play video.

Google and its subsidiary Youtube removed the first streaming video that was posted here but many others have already uploaded it to Youtube. There are download links at the bottom of this post so you will be able to easily send it into the local police. Here is another but a bit shorter video posted by someone. Click to play video.

Please leave comments and do name names so that the parents and authorities can become aware of this before someone is seriously hurt or worst.


Thanks to a few anonymous contributors.