Megan Hauserman Wants to Be Reality Show Famous, So She is Now Using Her Ass and Tits


If you're a fan of crappy reality TV shows, you may remember Megan Hauserman as the winner of Beauty and the Geek, season 3. Or you may remember Megan from season 2 of Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. No? How about I Love Money? Or maybe you remember Megan Hauserman from Playboy? Oh, did I not mention that Megan Hauserman has been nude in Playboy, too? Well she has, because obviously, this girl wants one thing, and one thing only: To be famous (and maybe naked). And she probably has the body to be famous as she want to be, the attention whore. Just as long as she keeps on showing her shaved pussy.

Now, I'm not sure how the Reality show career path is working out for her, but Megan will be back in another Reality show this fall: Rock of Love Girls: Charm School 2, where she will compete for $100,000 against other Rock of Love skanky floozies. Hmmm.... The sluttly competition at these things is usually relentless. Maybe she should just stick to getting naked in Playboy... Or take the next step into hardcore porn because thats the path she is on right now. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Megan Hauserman (born November 5, 1983 in Boca Raton, Florida) is an American model and reality television actress. She graduated in 2000 from Olympic Heights Community High School in Boca Raton. In 2005, she graduated as an accounting major from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

She was a winning contestant on the third season of Beauty and the Geek along with her partner Alan "Scooter" Zackheim.

Hauserman was also a contestant on the second season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. She was almost eliminated on the March 23, 2008 episode when Michaels picked Kristy Joe Muller. Kristy Joe decided to leave on her own, so Megan stated that she was "going to put all that behind her." Megan was eliminated in Episode 9 because Michaels never felt a real "connection" with her, leaving her in 5th place.

Hauserman is a contestant in I Love Money, a reality show where former contestants from Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, and I Love New York compete for a cash prize where she states that she wants to help the "mentally challenged" dogs, and that she adopted a mentally challenged dog. Also, on the I Love Money: Meet the All Stars episode, Megan Hauserman is featured with fellow alum Cecille Gahr from Beauty and the Geek: Season Three.

VH1 announced that Hauserman will be a contestant in Rock of Love Girls: Charm School 2, a reality show where former Rock of Love contestants compete for $100,000. The show is scheduled to premiere October 12, 2008.