Melissa Faith Yeo's Bisexual Fuck Buddy On the Down Low Leaked Pictures?


So, you guys had to burst my bubble. LOL... Ever since I said Melissa Faith Yeo, 25-year-old, looked pretty the Gutter Uncensored inbox at has been flooded with messages arguing otherwise from what I suspect are other Singapore models. Don't mind the arguments but if you are not sending in anything (pics or vids) to contribute to the blog such arguments are best be done in the comments or via Facebook. Then someone sent a tip and some evidences to back of his or her claims. It probably has more to do with a little war between Singaporean models than bursting my bubble. Now when I first read this tip of a "bisexual fuck buddy"of Melissa I was looking forward to seeing some hot girl on girl action with her and a female model friend but was sorely disappointed after seeing what was sent. Instead what I saw was two effeminate dudes making out in a club, might be gays might not (LOL) be gays. Two dudes kissing without shirts on the dance floor, you decide sexual orientation!

Yup, dude on dude not so hot action.
The anonymous tipster claim one of the dudes was with Melissa Faith Yeo and some of the pictures showed him also making out with Melissa. But it was only a week after the tip was received it was confirmed by a post on her blog the dude, James Lim, 21 year-old, kissing the other guy was in fact the boyfriend of Melissa. The Gutter Uncensored put off posting the pictures because to be honest, I am unclear if homosexuality is illegal in Singapore and really don't want anyone to go to jail. It seem like it is illegal but probably not enforced but to be safe this post was put off until now. Melissa said he is in London now after leaving Singapore on August 30. Anyway, the following email with the subject line "Sexy and bold Melissa Faith Yeo" was received on August 20, 2009 from a confidential source:


I know you want some Melissa Faith Yeo

She has a new bisexual fuck buddy and they took many sexy photos
together. You can imagine how she is like in bed.

Here's a teaser************

Get more photos**********

You can get some of her hot photos form her friend's blog


Damn, if Melissa Faith Yeo did not hate this blog before this day then this probably should do it. People have said there is a feud or some kind of fighting between
Melissa Faith Yeo and Rachel Kum, I am not sure whether these leaked pictures have something to do with that. I tried to find these pictures elsewhere by searching Melissa's blog and then the blogs of her friends to pinpoint the leak but nothing. Probably someone uploaded it by accident and then deleted it but I am not sure where my source got it. Now we don't know whether or not she is aware her boyfriend does things with other dudes. She is not pictured seeing James and the other guy do there thing but one would think she has to be aware being at the same club. Or this is one of those "On the Down Low" cases Oprah made so famous a few years back. Hopefully she knew and was protecting herself all along but If she didn't now she does. Anyhow, send me names and bikini pics of other Singapore models (ones without colored contact lenses and/or beach blonde hair or the plastic look but with nice teeth) for me to get over Melissa because nothing against gay/bisexual dudes but I tend to avoid chicks who bang them and/or bang dudes who use intravenous drugs. AIDS is real and its a fucking ugly vicious bitch! Sorry Melissa... Click on pictures to enlarge.

She says her boyfriend is not bisexual and she knew about the pics of him with the other guy in a club because she was the one behind the camera. It was gay night at the club so they were only messing around and having some fun with the theme of the night.


To make up for this homo post, you guys will get a leaked sex video of a nice hot model getting fuck doggy-style by her boyfriend of the floor.
Awesome stuff! If I can find it on one of these PCs.


Melissa Faith Yeo (born December 12, 1985 in Singapore) is a Singaporean model and beauty queen. Melissa Faith Yeo is pursuing a degree in Communication and English Studies at UniSIM. She has done commercials and ads for Starhub, I-weekly magazine, Fujifilm Z10 camera, The Breeze condo, Lee Hwa Jewellery (vignette), Caltex, McDonald's McGriddles, Eu Yan Sang bird's nest, Emirates Airlines, Electrolux home appliances and Canon Selphy printer.


Thanks to anonymous contributor.