Reports of Singaporean Teen Selling Her Body To Help Her Mom


Someone posted several ads claiming to be a Singapore poly girl by the name of "Christine" who want to sell her body online to pay for mother's medical bills. Viewers of this blog have requested more info on this controversial issue. The Gutter Uncensored looked into it and thus far it seems like a spam campaign. I have found 5 ads on the net that can be trace back to the spammer behind these "Christine" from Singapore deceptive listings. The person posting these ads is trying to have Singaporeans to sign-up for an adult dating site. With the description a "cute local Singapore poly girl" offering "freelance service," the poster wrote that "Christine" is also looking for a "sugardaddy" below younger than 40 year-old to support her family and help with her mothers heavy medical expenses. The ads were posted under the username: pinkychristine; with the mobile phone number: +65-82731622; country, Singapore. The Star report:

Teen ‘sells’ herself online to pay for mum’s treatment

A 19-year-old polytechnic student in Singapore has gone online to “sell” herself in a bid to raise money for her mother’s medical treatment.

Both Sin Chew Daily and China Press reported that to advertise her sexual services, the girl, known only as Christine, had uploaded three scantily-clad pictures of herself on her blog.

In the pictures, Christine was half-naked, wearing only a lacy black G-string.

Since the pictures were uploaded on Aug 29, the blog had attracted 170 hits.

There was a separate link to more “racy pictures” on the blog where one had to pay to view the site.

In her blog, Christine wrote that she hoped to find a man in his 30s and that she was willing to provide him sexual services if he paid for her mother’s medical fees.

She claimed that her mother was terminally ill and in need of “a lot of money”.

She also promised that those interested in her offer would not be disappointed, adding that she was confident of her looks.

>Sin Chew Daily reported that singers performing at concerts to celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore had resorted to stripping to lure their audience.

Such acts had drawn criticisms from devotees, who said the performances were disrespectful and unsuitable for children.

The singers would strip as they performed, leaving only their bra and panties on by the end of their song.

This story was reported widely in the China Press, in the Singaporean Straits Times, local Chinese tabloids as well as the Malaysian papers Sin Chew Daily and The Star. Anyway, there are no additional "racy pictures" on her profile because after you signup you are unable to find her profile. Here are the few pics there were posted with the ads and the ads themselves. Remember not to try to view her pictures through the link you will see in the ad because it was a scam by someone to get trying to get people to register with a adult dating site. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Text of the ad.

Cute LOCAL Singapore POLY Girl Freelance Service ♥

Total Views: 60
Seller Information

Full Namechristine


Date Posted 22-Aug-2009 9:55 AM
Ad ID SHO-190922
Category Household & Personal Services
Subcategory Others
Description Hi Christine 19f chinese from a local polytechnic.

Im searching for a sugar d4ddy (preferably below 40) as my family is having a huge financial issue currently.

In the mean time i do also provide freelance service.

If you are REALLY sincere and interested, please leave me a message me via my profile.

You can message me and view my profile on my website for more details about my services and vital stats.

Sorry, please understand I do not entertain emails.

My profile website is

If you can't see my profile it means you need to register an account. (Search for my username christine08 after getting the account)

And if you think its a hassle then i guess you are not sincere or serious enough.

Price N.A.
Price Negotiable? N.A.
Billing Terms N.A.
Location N.A.
Zone N.A.

2nd Ad

Date Listed: 25/08/2009
Ad ID: 150846001
Visits: 19
♥ Cute Friendly 19F Local Girl Erotic Service ♥

Hi guys..My name = Christine

I am a 19 years old Singaporean chinese girl studying at a local polytechnic.

I am currently searching for a sugar daddy (preferably below 40) who can financially support me to pay my mum's heavy monthly medical bills.

I am confident that my looks won't disappoint you unless you have really super high standards.

In the mean time, I do also provide freelance services.

You can view my private pictures collection and find out more details of me like my vital stats and my services that I am providing on my profile at

If you can't view my profile it means you may need to register an account. (Search for my username christine08 after getting an account). If you think its a hassle then I guess you are not serious enough for this. (I do not have time for pranksters)

Lastly, if you are REALLY sincere and interested in me, you can DIRECT MESSAGE me on my profile and I will get back to you ASAP.

And her supposed blog is at