As a Pre-Pubescent Boy George Hamilton Had Sex with His Step Mom


George Hamilton reveals in his new book that he slept with his stepmother when he was only 12 years old. Actor George Hamilton was on The View yesterday where he talked about his memoir "Don't Mind If I Do" when George mentioned when he was 12 years-old he slept with his stepmother. The ladies pointed out to George was molested, to which George said "Damn, I’m down for it again."

George said he was 12, and his stepmother was about 28. George said it all seemed normal, and it didn’t warp him. George said:

"When I was very young, 12, I had a relatiojnship with my stepmother. Yeah. She was about 28, 30. It was very normal."

"The bottom line is it didn’t feel abnormal. From my point of view it wasn’t something so crazy - I don’t think it warped me in my life."

"It went on for a short period of time, when I was 12, and then strangely enough when I was of age and I was an actor in Hollywood I met her again, she was as beautiful, and we had a sort of follow up."

"It actually went on for a short period of time when I was 12 and then strangely enough when I was of age, and I was an actor in Hollywood, I met her again and she was as beautiful as ever and we had a sort of followup," Hamilton said. I wonder if George also feel it’s normal for 12 year-old girls to have sex with their stepfathers too? George says his father never knew. No one asked what his father would have done if he found out. Our views have changed very dramatically it seems over the decades. The normally dumbass Whoopie pointed out that boys used to be taken to an older woman to be initiated in sex.


George Hamilton (born in Memphis, Tennessee on August 12, 1939 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States) is an American film and television actor and occasional film director.

Hamilton began his movie career in 1952. As an actor, he is often compared to (and sometimes confused with) Warren Beatty; Beatty's movie Bulworth contained a reference to this. In the mid-1980s, he starred in the 6th season of the ABC Aaron Spelling-produced nighttime television serial and Dallas imitator, Dynasty. Hamilton was a semi-regular panelist on the 1998 revival of Match Game.

In 2003, he hosted The Family, a reality television series on ABC spanning one season in 2003. It starred ten members from a traditional Italian-American family, who were each fighting for a $1,000,000 prize. In 2006, he competed in the second season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars and was voted off in round 6. At age 66 and recovering from knee injuries, Hamilton, unable to match the limber dance moves of his younger competitors, charmed the audience and judges with endearingly silly dances utilizing props including a Zorro mask and sword from his 1981 film Zorro, The Gay Blade. Hamilton is also noted for his appearances in Ritz Cracker and Wheat Thins Toasted Chips commercials and ads with Stacy Keibler, who in Dancing with the Stars, was his off-screen "sweetheart", with the tag line "I know toasted".

Along with a successful movie career, his style of dress is one of the reasons why his career has had stamina and may explain his continued notoriety. At one point he was known for having 100 bespoke suits in his closet. It has been said that his favorite tailor is in Panama. His reputation as 'the real James Bond' was noted as far back as 1981 in the movie The Cannonball Run, when a woman confuses Roger Moore, who played Bond at the time, with Hamilton.[citation needed]

Hamilton was a participant in Season 2 of Dancing with the Stars in the U.S. in 2006.

In 2006, it was rumored Hamilton would replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right. He did an audition and in March 2007, TMZ reported that Hamilton was a front runner to replace Barker. At 67, Hamilton would be the oldest contender for the position, although it would not have been an unprecedented move since other game show hosts (such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire host Regis Philbin) have debuted at about the same age. According to Reuters, Hamilton was one of the final 3 contenders to host the show, alongside Mark Steines and Todd Newton. Soon thereafter, Drew Carey was named as Barker's successor.