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Thank you all for making this site the most visited blog on the Google's Blogspot/Blogger network. In just over a year a.k.a. has gone from a startup blog with no traffic to the Hottest blog on Blogger/Blogspot. A year ago the was just a startup without name recognition to now being the TOP Alexa ranked on Blogger and Blogspot. The blog is averaging well over 70,000 visitors per day with nearly 20,000 NEW visitors everyday and growing. And I see bright things ahead for this site with nearly 25 million total visitors since January 2008.

I was just on Alexa looking for the top blogs on Blogger and here is what I found so far. The Gutter Uncensored seem to be the top ranked blog on Blogspot. If I am mistaken please correct me.

1) has a traffic rank of: 6,917

2) has a traffic rank of: 7,209

3) has a traffic rank of: 9,475

4) has a traffic rank of: 9,572

5) has a traffic rank of: 9,642

6) has a traffic rank of: 12,503

7) has a traffic rank of: 18,137

8) has a traffic rank of: 18,204

9) has a traffic rank of: 19,063

10) has a traffic rank of: 19,651

I am still checking the top ten but thats what I have so far, please correct me if I am missing something.

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Here is all the information you will need to register it. This is information over kill because you will not need all this for registration. I think the site's URL and an email address will be the only things needed in most places:



password: gutter

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Everything in the news of entertainment including film, music, sports, television, celebrities, humor, gossip, lifestyle and politics that is fit for The Gutter Uncensored!

language: English

Gutter Uncensored

Date of Birth: 10/30/1985

location: NYC, New York, USA

Gender: male

Just use the capital city of your own country if you have to use a local location for registration. My top two markets are Singapore and Malaysia so be sure to
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