George Clooney is Back Together with Softcore Porn Babe Krista Allen


Perhaps the third time will be the charm for George Clooney and Krista Allen who have reportedly rekindled their romance. George Clooney has quietly started dating his on-and-off girlfriend since 2002, the greatest softcore porn actress off all time - Krista Allen. So it seems George Clooney may be enjoying the company of his gorgeous ex-girlfriend Krista Allen again but you can catch her late at night on Showtime or Cinemax pretending to fuck in crappy movies. She is famous for playing the lead role in the erotic series Emmanuelle in Space. A friend of George told the New York Daily News newspaper: "George really loves her. Krista has always been there for him. She admits she just can't get over him."

"George and Krista dated for close to two years, till Allen broke it off in March 2004. He moved on to model Lisa Snowden, but then he and Krista tried again in 2006. After that, he dated Sarah Larson, cocktail waitress and "Fear Factor" winner, for most of a year. Throughout, says a friend, "Krista has always been there for him. She admits she just can't get over him." And something about Krista brings him back. "George really loves her," says the source. A relationship with Krista, 37, would mean a ready-made family for George, 47, who once vowed that he wouldn't remarry or have children by the time he was 50. Krista has an 11-year-old son, Jake, with production manager Justin Moritt. But it may not be an issue. Says the source, "George adores Krista's son."

Krista Allen has been hot forever, George Clooney looks like he'd still be getting choice vagina even if he wasn't "George Clooney," and they seem to have some sort of connection, so I really have nothing bad to say. I know the elite people in Hollywood are hating on Krista because she is a B-movie star but she still look better than most of the top a-list actresses. Click on pictures to enlarge.



George Timothy Clooney (born May 6, 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky, United States) is an Academy Award- and Golden Globe award-winning American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. Clooney has balanced his glamorous performances in big-budget blockbusters with work as a producer and director behind commercially riskier projects, as well as social and liberal political activism. On January 31, 2008, the United Nations named Clooney a "Messenger of peace".