Jenni Rivera Sex Tape Released and On The Loose


Meet Jenni Rivera, the Mexican pop singer who stars in her very own sex tape and is now burning up Google search in Latin America. Jenny Rivera has been the hottest commodity right now on different search engines especially Google. Fact is there are a lot of searches about her alleged “video porno de jenny rivera” or “jenny rivera sex tape” of which our sources can’t find yet. Or this search was just triggered due to the outcome of her latest concert? Anyway, we will keep you posted for more updates. If you have this sex video please be forward it to so it can be shared.

A few days ago the news on the grapevine confirmed that there is a porno video floating about and it does feature the 38 years old Mexican-American vocalist/songwriter, Jenni Rivera. People en Español, has intelligence to confirm, Jenni, got her sex act together with one of her musical group. Stupidly the pair recorded their sex act by means of a mobile phone camera and, (WAIT FOR IT), the video was mysteriously stolen back in June. The porn tape was reported by People en Español magazine, which says that Ms. Rivera and her horny musician friend did a home video recording of themselves doing it, you know, having hanky panky without clothing. Numerous people in the Mexican music business have seen the video. Jenni has now established she did make the recording. When we have the sex tape we will be amongst the 1st to post it. That video will shortly be winding its way to the Internet!
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Jenni Rivera has a sex tape. The 39-year-old singer filmed herself and another musician with a cell phone camera in the midst of some private acts, but the video was stolen in June. Several people in the Mexican music industry have already seen the video, and Jenni herself has confirmed this as being true.Now, it is reportedly about to be released. Thats right, Rivera confirmed the tape existed while being interviewed on Univision, the popular Spanish-language TV station.

Banda, Jenni Rivera's musical specialty, is a blend of Mexican music and, oddly enough, German polka music. She is one of the few female singers of banda music and has gained popularity with songs like "Amiga Si Lo Ves" and "De Contrabanda." Although born in Long Beach, California, her parents were Mexican immigrants, and she is mostly famous in the Mexican music industry.

Besides the sex tape, Jenni Rivera has courted publicity recently by smashing a microphone in the face of a fan while performing in a North Carolina nightclub in June and was arrested.


Jenni Rivera (also spelled Jenny Rivera; born July 2, 1969 in Long Beach, California, U.S.A.) is a Mexican-American vocalist/songwriter of banda music. Her parents Pedro and Rosa immigrated to the United States from Mexico, but Jenni Rivera was born and raised in Long Beach, California. Rivera's father is from Jalisco and her mother is from Sonora.

Her brother is singer Lupillo Rivera.

Two of Rivera's most famous hits include "Amiga Si Lo Ves" and "De Contrabando."

Her newest album Mi Vida Loca was released on March 20, 2007.

Jenni Rivera’s former husband, José Trinidad Marín, was convicted of 6 of the 9 charges against him for allegedly sexually abusing the two daughters he had with the singer, in addition to her younger sister. According to Rivera, Trinidad Marín sexually abused of her two daughters, Janney & Jacquelin and Rivera’s sister Rosie, 25. Despite the trauma of the trial they’ve had to endure and the severity of the charges, Trinidad Marín, 42, managed to stay on the run for 9 years and was captured in April 2006, but was released on bond in October. The 37-year-old artist was fearful & angered that the man with whom she had an 8-year relationship would leave Mexico to elude authorities.