Jennifer Aniston Loves Her Bikini, And So Should We


Once again, we have candid pictures Jennifer Aniston lounging about in her bikini. It would seem that's all she really does these days. I mean, I certainly can't remember the last time I saw her in a new movie, or on TV. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. If I could lounge around all day at the beach without a care in the world, I'd probably do it too. Its just too bad that no man want her... She must have some serious issues if there are no takers after seeing her in her bikini. I cannot believe that every man in Hollywood is avoiding her just because she want kids. And sure she want children like yesterday, that is not a reason to avoid her like the plague. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Any takers? Her clock is ticking guys!



Jennifer Aniston (born February 11, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California, United States) is an Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning American film and television actress, best known for her role as Rachel Green in the popular television sitcom Friends. Apart from Friends, she has starred in several successful Hollywood films, including Bruce Almighty, Office Space, Along Came Polly and The Break-Up.

In addition to her career as a TV actress, Aniston has enjoyed a successful film career. Her biggest box office success to date was her appearance in 2003's Bruce Almighty, in which she played the girlfriend of title character (Jim Carrey); the film grossed $243M at the United States box office and almost twice that worldwide. Aniston's 2004 film, Along Came Polly (opposite Ben Stiller), also did well at the box office after opening at the #1 spot.