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First of all, below are download links to a sex video of Alyssa Yin masturbating with big pink dildo. I will post the final set of pictures tomorrow and if someone send in another sex tape it will also be posted. PLEASE send more videos of Alyssa using her toy or any of Jane Lo or any other sex tape to Below I have posted over 200 photos. Some of them will be duplicates of the because it would take just too much time for me to go through all of them to see what I already posted. These pictures are coming from different sources so there will be duplicates, you are going to have browse to find the new ones. Later this week I will try to zip them all for easy download.

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Alyssa Yin Yi is all about the
G-spot. Thanks to a little tip sent to from someone that want to be called "ddd," we now know much more about Alyssa Yin Yi aka Alyssa Kwan. She has a blog that is set to private at and another old one at but she canceled her blog at so she like to use the screen name Snowkisz and LiTtLe`YinyI. She says she is a "Typical Scorpio Young Lady. Red, White, Pink Addict. Shopping Lover." On her Livejournal profile she says she is from Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. She is 22 years old so she was about 20 years old when the videos were made and she has a birthday coming up on October 30th. She is a little celebrity in the Malaysian Foosball Community. Here is an interesting post from her "Life Goes On, Be Strong... So Bring It On ;) life's a bit*h though" Livejournal blog:

Title: G-spot
Date: 2005-08-09 @ 20:38

As promised.. Here are the few tips or knowledge or whatever you want to call it, of the legendary G-spot! Wakakakaka!!

Surprisingly, I didn’t get all this information from the male species that I know, but from the internet.. Media advanced nowadays.. Tsk tsk

Ready? Haha.. I bet you can’t wait.. Let’s start with this..

2 Types of Woman’s orgasm (Wow, I swear I didn’t know that! Sad case right? =P)

It is now known women can experience two kinds of orgasm. But they are not clitoral vs. vaginal as some have reported. So, here are the 2 types..

1. The most common (some times called clitoral) also involves the vagina since the clitoral stimulation also produces contractions of the Pubococcygeal (PC) muscle supporting the pelvic floor which is where "vaginal" contractions are felt.

2. G-spot and Uterine. G-spot stimulation results in orgasmic contractions around the uterus, which is several inches above the pelvic floor.

Later research has shown that women who can orgasm both ways have even deeper, more powerful blended orgasm, resulting from contractions in both areas at once!!

Now let’s proceed to the next level..

The Location of The G-spot (tsk tsk)

The G-spot lies directly behind the pubic bone within the front wall of the vagina. It is usually located about half way between the back of the pubic bone and the front of the cervix, along the course of the urethra and near the neck of the bladder, where it connects with the urethra. The size and exact location vary. Imagine a small clock inside the vagina with 12 o'clock pointed towards the navel. The majority of women will have the G-spot located between 11 and 1 o'clock a few inches inside the vagina. (Guys, take note if you want your girl’s pussy to stay loyal with you..HAHA)

Unlike the clitoris, which protrudes from the surrounding tissue, it lies deep within the vaginal wall, and a firm pressure is often needed to contact the G-spot in its unstimulated state. Usually it is a lima- bean sized, spongy area which responds to stimulation by hardening and swelling as blood rushes to it.

Here’s a picture of it, if you still have difficulties in locating..Guess what? You’re helpless.. HaHH!

Guess the next topic is what most of you concern the most!! Wahahahaha!!! It is sorta long information.. so click it for your viewing pleasure!

If you find this post still lack of the information you need.. Get your ass to and type G-spot.. 99% of this post is from the internet! Sue me! hahahaha!

Techniques for Stimulating The G-spot

Lie back with your knees (Woman) pressed up to your chest. In this position, your vaginal depth will shorten and even small fingers should be able to reach the G-spot. With a partner, lie on your side with one leg drawn up to your chest as your partner enters you from the rear. He should be able to hit the spot.

The G-spot responds to pressure rather than to touch. Gently stroking is not likely to get any results. It's more like massaging a pea under a mattress - one has to compress the flesh to find it.

Insert fingers and bend them gently up, around and behind the pubic bone. Beyond the rather rough-surfaced tissue immediately behind her pubic bone, your fingertips will encounter a very soft, smooth area. Go very slowly and let her tell you what she feels as you explore the smooth area, which will feel to you like the inside of a very slippery mitten. When you straighten your fingers and reach further inside, you'll encounter a hard, rubbery structure that feels like an erect nipple pointing south. This is her cervix. The G-spot is somewhere just his side of the cervix, about an inch beyond the mitten, in the flesh immediately in front of the vagina.

Imagine you're holding a tennis ball on those two of three inserted fingers. An area about the size of a grape in the center of the tennis ball is what you're trying to reach. It can be anywhere along that two-or-three inch long area between the pubic bone and the cervix. Explore slowly, allowing for feedback front he woman - let her guide your fingers with her words if she can feel the stimulation. The G-spot responds to pressure rather than to touch. Gentle stroking is not likely to find it. It's more like massaging a pea under a mattress - one has to compress the flesh to find it.

When you reach in from the front with the woman on her back, the heel of your hand is over her clitoris while your fingers hook around her pubic bone. Pull upwards, as if you're trying to lift her off the bed. Do this with the same sort of rhythm you'd use fucking, and keep your fingers hooked, so they press deep into the tissue. Once you know where it is you can try using your penis on it, but for good G-spot orgasm, she may prefer your hand. In face-to-face intercourse, the penis may not stimulate the spot enough to do any good, although some positions, such as the one where the women draws her knees close to her chest, may increase the changes for a G-spot orgasm.

Please do tell me that your satisfied.. hahahaha!

This girl is some sort of a pussy expert, you will see her working over her own with a big pink toy. Jane Lo Li is the fair skin girl and Alyssa Yin Yi a.k.a. Alyssa Kwan a.k.a. Snowkisz is the girl with the scorpion tattoo. The video below shows Alyssa fucking herself with a pink dildo, she seem to be very tight and very deep (great combo). And from her blog entry, you know this girl is all about getting her orgasm on and now you can see her making a huge dildo disappearting that orgasm get. They say Alyssa is hiding out in Australia and Jane is hiding in America. The rich Pakistani dude (son of the owner of Sayfol Int'l School) is still in Malaysia. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Screen shots from the sex video available for download below.



Alyssa Yin Yi aka Alyssa Kwan leaked Homemade Masturbating Sex Tape

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These scandalous leaked pictures and video are of Malaysia's favorite girlfriends Jane Lo Li and Alyssa Yin Yi a.k.a. Alyssa Kwan. Jane Lo is a real hottie in my personal opinion, the scorpion tat chick is nice but I am really into Jane. They both attended Malaysia Limkokwing University. They are well known in the Malaysian foosball community so much so that they are known as the foosball chicks. From what I hear Alyssa is Malaysian and Jane is a Chinese Malaysian girl, her family is orignally from Taiwan. Jane lives in Taiping, Perak and Jane's parents own a goldsmith shop in Taiping. The guy is Pakistani and his name is Adil Sayeed, his dad own the Sayfol International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Thanks to ka-POWThanks to ddd" for the new info.

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is the boss with the original tip.


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