Malaysian Limkokwing Sex Scandal: More Photos of Malaysian Hottie Jane Lo Li and The Dawn Yang Connection Revealed


Jane Lo Li a.k.a. Gold Dior of Malaysian Limkokwing University Sex Scandal fame is accustom to the finer things in life. Hence the nickname Gold Dior, she is accustomed to the best. And she should be because she is a totally hottie. This babe is fit to be a rich man's trophy wife and judging from these new photos of her partying around the world, she is defiantly the wife of a rich man. From what I hear, Singaporean blogger/model Dawn Yang is also accustom the finer things. So it should be no surprise that the two birds of a feather flock to together partying at the same club. Dawn Yang seem to have been out classed by Gold Dior on the night they were pictured together. This is just my opinion but I think this Gold Dior babe is way more fuckable than Dawn Yang. Jane Lo would be my first choice, I am a sucker for natural beauty so Jane Lo Li aka Gold Dior wins hands down but Dawn would surely get Gold Dior's sloppy seconds with me. People have been asking for more photos of Jane Lo (I prefer her other name Gold Doir) and we are in luck today. Here are a bunch of pictures of one of the "Foosball Girls" parting, traveling the world, meeting celebrities, clubbing and having the best time ever while vacationing in Las Vegas. Click on pictures to enlarge.


To Update the Story:

New reports say these pictures were stolen from Adil Sayeed's home computer when he had a few of his friends over. We do not know how the friend who stole the file with the sex pictures knew it was on Adil's PC. The thief may have stumble on the file by accident but he might have known about it from Adil showing of his many conquest. The girls involved were already very popular in the foosball community so the pictures spread across the internet very fast when it was first stolen months ago. Early reports said these sex pictures got leaked onto the Internet because Adil Sayeed was showing off to his friends. And he may have emailed the images via Facebook to people he knew on his friends list and then they shared it with their friends and thing got out of hand. Right now, I am more incline to believe the pictures were stolen because I don't think any person from his social economic class in Malaysia is crazy enough to upload such explicit sex pictures and videos of themselves. Adil Sayeed was already a celebrity among the huge foosball Malaysian scene and internationally with several world foosball championships so he didn't need the publicity.


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