Move Over Golden Buddha, Kate Moss is in Gold Too


Okay people, time to move over your Golden Buddha to make room for Golden Kate "Cocaine" Moss making it official that the only reason for yoga is to come up with new sex position. Who in hell knows why anybody would want to buy this shit? Here is a golden statue of Kate Moss with her legs behind her head providing for a great crotch view. It was created by artist(?) Marc Quinn and is reportedly valued at $3.4 million. Anybody who buys this should take some of their money and throw it over a forest fire trying to put it out or give it to the Nigerian prince that keeps on emailing me, because it's obvious they have way too much. Well, here it is. Kate is doing a yoga pose in gold. Click on pictures to enlarge.

The £1.5million solid gold statue of Kate Moss by sculptor Marc Quinn is on display at the British Museum. When news came out that Quinn would be casting his Kate Moss statue in 18 carat gold we were not allowed to see the finished until the final product can be revealed.

The statue, titled ‘Siren’, is said to weigh 50kg - roughly the same than La Moss herself - and is thought to be the largest solid gold statue made since the Ancient Egyptians who went for this sort of thing, back in the day. In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous beautiful women. They are portrayed as seductresses, who lived on an island called Sirenum scopuli, who lured sailors onto the rocks and to their ultimate death. I can see Kate Moss luring men to their deaths, so the Siren name seems fitting.

The statue went on display in the Ancient Greek section of the Museum on Saturday and will be there until its sale in January. The piece is part of the Statuephilia exhibition, which also includes peices from Damien Hirst and Antony Gormley.



Katherine Ann Moss, also known as Kate Moss (born January 16, 1974 in Addiscombe, Croydon, London, England), is an English model. She is known for her waifish figure, uncommon modeling height, and many advertising campaigns. She is also notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle. She has appeared on over 300 magazine covers.

Moss was voted 8th in Celebrity Sleuths 25 Sexiest Women of 2004, 8th in Maxims 50 Sexiest Women of 1999 and 22nd in FHM 100 Sexiest Women of 1995. Men's magazine Arena named her as their Sexiest Woman in their 150th issue. In March 2007, Moss won the Sexiest Woman NME Award. She made her first appearance in the British women's Sunday Times Rich List in 2007, where she was estimated to be worth £45 million. She ranked as the 99th richest woman in Britain. In July 2007, earning an estimated total of $9 million in the past 12 months, Forbes magazine named her second on the list of the World's 15 top-earning supermodels.

British tabloids and the paparazzi, particularly the Daily Mirror, have long claimed that Moss habitually used cocaine. In interviews Moss dismissed these claims as ridiculous, and the Sunday Mirror was sued successfully by Moss for claiming that she had slipped into a coma after taking large amounts of cocaine in Spain in the 1990s.

On 15 September 2005, London's Daily Mirror ran front page and inside photos that seemed to show Moss snorting several lines of cocaine at a Babyshambles recording session. It was also reported that Moss snorted five lines in 40 minutes. It has been alleged by Babyshambles' singer Pete Doherty that James Mullord, his former manager, sold the photos to the newspaper for more than £150,000. Within a short time of publication, Moss lost major modeling contracts with several international companies.

The British tabloids and paparazzi often target Moss. Piers Morgan described her as a "drunken, foul-mouthed, ill-mannered, paranoid Croydon girl with a cocaine-desecrated hooter and spots", because she threw him out of a club for laughing at Pete Doherty. One of the first controversies about Moss was surrounding her weight, to which she replied "It was just the time. It was a swing from more buxom girls like Cindy Crawford and people were shocked to see what they called a 'waif'. What can you say? How many times can you say 'I'm not anorexic'?"


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