Real Life Hannibal: Mr Gay UK, Anthony Morley Literally Eats Homosexual Lovers After Murdering Them


UK's Mr Gay Anthony Morley allegedly "seasoned and fried lover" like a piece of chicken!!!

Anthony Francis Morley (the cannibal chef) has been arrested and is on trial for killing, and possibly eating Damian Oldfield. The man who won the first Mr Gay UK award is now on trial for reportedly killing a man and cooking, even chewing, parts of his body flesh. Anthony Morley, who worked as a chef, was arrested last April for the murder of his friend Damian Oldsfield, whose flesh was recovered by the police from Morley's kitchen. Mr Oldfield was openly gay and worked selling advertising space for a homosexual lifestyle magazine.

The Leeds Crown Court reported that the two men arranged to meet at Morley's house in the evening of April 23. Morley cooked a meal they both ate and retired to the bedroom. Police said sexual activity ensued, following which Morley allegedly killed his friend. He then carved his flesh. Officers found the naked body of 33-year-old Damian Oldfield on the floor of Morley’s bedroom. He had been stabbed 20 times and his throat cut. Morley later claimed Mr Oldfield had tried to rape him. The court said that pieces of cooked human flesh, identified as being from Oldfield, were found on a chopping board, while another piece, which appeared to have been chewed, was found in a bin bag. Prosecuter Andrew Stubbs, said: "Six pieces of cooked flesh, which had been seasoned with fresh herbs and fried in olive oil were recovered.The Daily Mail reports:

Anthony Morley, who was the first winner of the Mr Gay UK contest has been charged with murdering a man amid fears he planned to eat the corpse.

Anthony Morley (35) was arrested after Damian Oldfield’s body was found at a house in Harehills, Leeds, with a chunk cut out of the right leg.

Police are said to have found human flesh diced as though "for cooking".

Anthony Morley, left, was arrested after Damian Oldfield’s body was found with a chunk of flesh missing from his leg
Officers are now having to consider the possibility that the killer had "eaten some of the flesh."

They were alerted after a man, covered in blood and wearing a white nightgown and slippers, went into a nearby kebab shop.
Police discovered advertising executive Mr Oldfield, 33, had been stabbed to death.

Morley, from Doncaster, was crowned Mr Gay UK in 1993 when he was 20.

Morley will appear before Leeds JPs next week and is then expected to be sent to Crown Court for trial.

Mr Oldfield worked for gay magazine Bent. He knew Morley, but they were not thought to be partners.

Fucking cannibalism folks. Prosecutor Andrew Stubbs QC, warned jurors that details of the case were ‘unpleasant and disturbing.’ He added: ‘In carrying out your task in this trial you must not allow the horror of what took place to cloud your calm assessment of the evidence.’ Morley needs to be locked away forever and very far away, just like Hannibal Lecter. Click on pictures to enlarge.

This dude below is the victim.

Sorry for making you guys throw up your meal, this dude is like the chef from hell. This story is insane and totally fucking crazy, I wonder how many victims Morley ate so far. Because I don't think this is the first for him, but I don't know how someone become a cannibal.

The case continues...


On the day of the murder, in April, the two exchanged text messages during the afternoon and later met in a bar in Leeds, where they both lived.

In the texts Morley told Mr Oldfield he had ‘never been properly happy being gay’. Mr Oldfield replied: ‘Try me…I’m not your average poof.’

They exchanged increasingly affectionate messages and arranged to meet, with Morley stressing he ‘wanted to take it slow’.

Later that night they ended up in Morley’s bedroom, the court heard. They had been drinking beer and were both around three times the legal limit for driving.

Forensic experts later found evidence that there had been sexual activity.

Mr Stubbs said Morley used two knives taken from the kitchen downstairs to kill Mr Oldfield.

He slit his throat, cutting a vein and an artery in the process, stabbed him with great force in the chest and 19 times in the back.

The evidence indicated that Mr Oldfield had been lying under the duvet when he was attacked from behind.

Mr Stubbs said that after Mr Oldfield died Morley cut a section of flesh from his thigh, took it down to the kitchen and cooked it.

The jury heard that Morley was wearing only a bloodstained dressing gown and flip-flops when he arrived at the takeaway. His face and hands were spattered with blood.

He later told police: ‘I know what I have done is wrong, he tried to rape me, at least he won’t be able to do it again.’

Morley denies murder. The court was told he was ‘at the very least’ guilty of manslaughter, but the jury would have to consider issues of provocation and diminished responsibility.

Prosecutors yesterday called one of Morley's former lovers, Shaun Wood, whose own experience with Morley played out like a nightmare. According to Wood, the men once got into a fight over some money Morley had borrowed. When Wood asked for it back, says Wood, Morley went a bit will.

In addition to calling him a "silly poof," Morley allegedly went at Wood with a meat cleaver:

Mr Wood said: "He went to the kitchen and came back and sat down on the settee and five minutes later he leapt up and went for me with a meat cleaver, but fortunately he fell backwards so it didn't get me, otherwise it would have done."

The witness said Morley aimed the cleaver at his head.

Mr Wood continued: "I was obviously very scared but immediately afterwards he went upstairs to his bedroom and started smashing the bedroom up, shouting 'I'm psychotic, I'm mad, get me a doctor'."

Despite all this, Wood described Morley as a "caring" person and blamed their argument on booze.