Sexy Singaporean Teacher Gwen Enter Her "Very Ah Lian" Micro-Mini Bikini Photos in Online Bikini Contest


Hopefully people are not so prudish to fire people over having a life outside of work but Gwen is a primary school teacher in Singapore who like to model micro-bikinis while on vacation in Thailand. She like to show off her hot sexy body so much so that she seemingly submitted her sexy pictures to an online bikini contest being promoted by her favorite brand of "micro-bikinis" from Australia. She even admits playfully that her actions are "very Ah Lian", which means 'gangster girl' in the Hokkien dialect. How should I put it? She is the ‘hot’ primary school teacher that all the dads want to meet. Here is her now defunct blog's URL that was entitled Who is Gwen exactly? What defines her?, you can still see some of her blog pages saved in the search engines cached. Take a look here or here... She also deleted her Friendster and Facebook after a story about appeared in the local newspaper. According to information found on her now deleted blog, Gwen identifies herself as a primary school teacher, although there was no mention of the school she teaches in. Gwen says that she enjoys her job as a teacher. She also said that she was born in the year of the dragon, and it is believed that she is 32 years old. And she reveals that she go to the gym often and it shows, she reveals that she has tattoos, a nose piercing and often goes partying with her friends. She seems to be just an average Singaporean girl, I hope the prudes don't have her axed for having a life.

Here is Gwen’s purported description about herself on the Wicked Weasel bikini competition website:

Hey there Wicked Weasel friends, it’s Gwen here from Sunny Singapore! Whether it’s pushing the limits of just how SMALL I can get my tan lines on a resort holiday in Thailand, or just chilling with friends over a Mojito during a weekend session at my favourite beach bar in Sentosa, Singapore…. there are no prizes for guessing the only legendary label that cuts it in my book! It all began a few years ago, when seeds of your sweet nothings were planted in my head and I was given my first two weasels. What first started out as a tryout dare has become an addiction that will undoubtedly last me the rest of my life! I now have to confess that I’m hard-pressed squeezing my present collection into a single closet drawer…LOL.

Love Gwen

The pictures below have caused a mini scandal in Singapore but I don't see what the big deal is about because its not like she is naked. Sure her thong bikinis are small as hell but she keeps everything covered. And we don't even know for sure if she was the one that send the bikini pictures to the Wicked Weasel Bikini Competition 2008 because another person took the pictures and anybody con have submitted the pics. But still, she didn't do anything wrong even if she did enter the contest herself. There is no good reason to say her students will see the pictures and primary students who view these thong bikini photos have bigger problems with their lack of parenting if they are viewing the pictures online. Back to Gwen, her entry to the bikini contest was remove. That might be as a result of all the attention she was getting from newspapers in Singapore or by her request. That would make sense if it was something done behind her back. Here is a saved cached look at the Wicked Weasel bikini contest website before her pictures were removed. She is into fitness so she would have done well in the contest. Click on pictures to enlarge.

I hate the tattoos but I'd hit it!!! She has a nice ass thats for sure.

I was not going to post these pictures but people were asking for it. Its only a girl in some skanky thong bikinis, its nothing really. DON'T FIRE HER!!!

Fucking prudes...


You Guys can Thank "Bertrand" for requesting the pics.