The is the Sceond Most Popular Blog on Blogger and Will be The Number 1 Very Soon


Thank you all for making this site the second most visited blog on the Google Blogger network. Its only a matter of time until a.k.a grab the number one spot. In little over a year the as gone from a startup blog to now being a top on Blogger and Blogspot. Averaging about 70,000 visitors per day is not bad for a relatively new blog. I still remember when I was happy with 70,000 visits per month.

And you know what, this blog would be number one already but because I kept changing the name some people are having trouble finding the site. I change the tilte of the blog like 5 times before settling on a few months ago. So, some people are no searching for this blog under its old names and that just suck. And the second thing that has really hurt this site is the warning page Google and Blogger placed on the Gutter Uncensored. I don't mind the warning but its fucking up the indexing bots from the search engines and the post crawlers from social blog directories. So the newer post since the warning page was impose are not being index in Google or Yahoo search. Its fucking pissing me off to think how mush traffic I am losing. Okay, enough of me bitching about the warning page.

I was on Alexa looking for the top blogs on Blogger and here is what I found so far. The
Gutter Uncensored seem to have the second highest ranking and closing in fast on number one:

1) P********* has a traffic rank of: 7,104

2) has a traffic rank of: 8,023

3) has a traffic rank of: 8,828

4) has a traffic rank of: 9,409

5) has a traffic rank of: 9,749

6) has a traffic rank of: 12,511

7) has a traffic rank of: 17,643

8) has a traffic rank of: 18,411

9) has a traffic rank of: 19,774

10) has a traffic rank of: 20,678

11) has a traffic rank of: 20,893

12) has a traffic rank of: 20,902

13) has a traffic rank of: 21,429

14) has a traffic rank of: 24,825

15) has a traffic rank of: 25,001

16) has a traffic rank of: 26,674

17) has a traffic rank of: 27,559

18) has a traffic rank of: 27,899

19) has a traffic rank of: 31,548

20) has a traffic rank of: 33,889

21) has a traffic rank of: 34,171

22) has a traffic rank of: 36,290

I am still checking but thats what I have so far, please correct me if I am missing something.

Help this blog be number one by linking to and added this URL to web forums. It would be great if you guys add this blog to social blog directories. I have added the blog to many directories but I am certain I missed many. Especially local directories servicing places like China and India, I want the Gutter Uncensored to be huge in China. Register this blog everywhere people. I have provided the necessary information needed for you guys to help register this blog-site below. I want you guys to be registering all over the Internet, I don't care where.


password: gutter

user name:


Everything in the news of entertainment including film, music, sports, television, celebrities, humor, gossip, lifestyle and politics that is fit for The Gutter Uncensored!

language: English

Gutter Uncensored

Date of Birth: 10/30/1985

location: NYC, New York, USA

Gender: male

Just use the capital city of your own country if you have to use a local location for registration. My top two markets are Singapore and Malaysia so be sure to
register the on local Singaporean and Malaysian search engines, forums and directories. If you need any other information you can just make it up.