The Skankiest Combo Ever: Paris Hilton and Katie Price


I don't know if you can get a STD from looking at pictures on the Internet but you are going to find out. This is like a celebrity sex tape convention or something, if you look you will find sex tapes of both these ladies on the Gutter Uncensored. There must be some law of physics that's being broken in these pictures of Katie Price and Paris Hilton in London last night, because this level of skankness can't possibly occupy the same space without something going seriously wrong. This is like Narcissus and the pool, but with way more chances for future outbreaks. This gathering must be like a contest for STD infections. America's top skank versus the top UK skank, this is not going to be pretty. Their vagina's must be like a bumpy fishy soup of sexual viruses from both side of the pond, call me bias (because I am) but I a rooting for USA. Click on pictures to enlarge.

The skankiness