Um, Can Somebody Please Take Allegra Versace To McDonald's Because She Look Like Shit


I don't know what this girl need to do (eat) but she need to do it sooner rather than later. Allegra Versace, the 22 year old daughter of Donnatella Versace is so skinny, she looks like she’s from the poorest part of the 3rd world. But she probably is the richest 22 year old female on the Earth. She is rich as balls and she look like shit or she has fully blown AIDS, I just want to force a cheeseburger down her throat. Donatella Versace posed on the red carpet in New York with Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and her daughter Allegra Versace. They're all at the Fashion Group's 25th Annual Night of Stars. Everyone was smiling at the Fashion Group’s 25th Annual Night of Stars yesterday, but that couldn’t distract from the fact that Allegra Versace is practically starving to death. Allegra Versace has "battled" an eating disorder for a while, and even received "treatment" for it last year. Yet she’s still as skinny and gaunt as ever, we all know how this is going to end.

Although I do not feel the least bit sorry for her because why should I fell sorry for a little rich girl who refuse to eat when I know of real people in the 3rd world who are starving. I will reserve my pity and charity to those who really need it. is a great charity to help poor kids who are starving because of a real lack of food and not freaking anorexia. Sure you might not be as rich as Allegra but if you can afford to help children by giving to or any of the fine charities that help kids from around the world you will be doing more than her to end hunger. Click on pictures to enlarge. and is another good one.


Allegra Versace (born in Milan on June 30, 1986 in Milan, Italy) is the daughter of designer Donatella Versace and ex-fashion model Paul Beck.

Allegra is also the niece of the late Gianni Versace and was 11 when her uncle Gianni was shot and killed on the steps of his Miami Beach home.

In his will, Gianni Versace left 50 percent of his fashion empire to Allegra, 30 percent to his older brother, Santo, and 20 percent to his younger sister, Donatella. Allegra inherited approximately half a billion dollars (50% of the company) from the Versace fashion empire when she turned 18 in 2004. She has the last say of the sale and other important details in the Versace clothing line.

Allegra was educated at a British school in Milan, and attended Brown University in Rhode Island.

Allegra has appeared emaciated for several years, speculating rumors of an eating disorder. In March 2007, her parents released a joint statement that Allegra was in treatment for anorexia. She has attended UCLA for inpatient treatment.