Barack Obama Plan to BANKRUPT the American Coal Industry and INCREASE Energy Prices


Yesterday, Newsbusters uncovered a tape of Barack Obama discussing coal-fired plants with the San Francisco Chronicle. Safely seated at the reclaimed wood table of the Chronicle editorial board, Obama felt free to remark without remorse or hesitance about his desire to bankrupt the coal industry to serve his radical cause:

I rest my case... This dude is freaking insane. Did you know that 50% of USA's electricity come from coal? This "bankrupt comment" shock even me, I knew he is terrible but this is nuts. Sarah Palin slammed Barack Obama for his promise to Bankrupt the Coal Industry today in Ohio.

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In the San Francisco Chronicle interview in which Barack Obama said that he would cause coal-burning power plants to go bankrupt, he also said that, as president, he would purposefully cause energy prices to “skyrocket.”

I hope the people in Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Wast Vergina that work in the coal industry vote against this fucking tool. The man actually want energy prices in America to “skyrocket.”