Barack "Barry" Obama Wealth Redistribution Cartoon, Its Not Stealing When The Government Is Doing It To You


If Barack Hussein Obama had to redistribute his campaign's $600 million wealth, would he do it, even if it meant the playing field was leveled, and he stood a chance of losing the election? He can get bring in $150 million per month so he may want to take his own advice spread the wealth around. Wealth redistribution turns winners into losers, by punishing winners for being successful by kicking them in the nuts. I would NOT want Obama to have to give a single dollar of his hundreds of millions of dollars to Sen. McCain, because McCain didn't earn it. That’s just not the American way.

Nothing but a bunch of organization thieves. Steal from those who have earned it and give a welfare check to those who want it without the hard work or the sacrifice years of studying. Spread the wealth my asshole!