Police Find Hudson Family Killer's Gun, The AP Lost Their Minds

Source: blogywoodbabes.blogspot.com

Can you tell a black guy apart from a white guy? The top news services in the world cannot, not even by a mile.

The AP ran a story confirming that police found the gun used to kill three members of Jennifer Hudson’s family, but the AP made a horrible mistake. In the picture above you can see a picture of Jason Hudson on the far right. He’s obviously black, right? Well not according to the professional journalists at the Associated Press. I thought the AP were just a bunch of bias journalists but I now think they are just stupid. Take a look at the original story they ran below. See the picture of the Navy guy at the bottom of the story?

Jennifer Hudson and her now dead brother share the same father and mother. Now, why would Jennifer Hudson be a full black and her brother be a full white? The AP wrote a caption under the picture of a WHITE guy in the picture, "This undated handout photo provided by Jason Hudson, shows Hudson’s official U.S. Navy portrait." Above that picture it says, "Slideshow: Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy"

Great reporting AP. Today they fixed the story, after obtaining a picture of the memorial at the top of this story. We all make mistakes, I make mistakes but this shit is just fucking crazy. Do they even look at the pictures at the AP? It would be damn funny if it wasn't suchs a sad story.