Victoria Schattauer Nude Pictures, A Topless Photo Scandal.

Here are the photos that got Victoria Schattauer fired from her job as the partially nude cheerleader coach for the freshman team in Goshen, Ohio. She posed for a topless photo with an cheerleader girl that she partied with. See her pictures and biography below.

Victoria Schattauer is the cheerleader coach for the high school in Goshen, Ohio. She is 19 years old and too naughty for the locals to keep down. Goshen is a sleepy town in rural Ohio with 13,000 people. Here is her Myspace page

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A small Ohio town has been rocked by scandal after a topless picture of a high school cheerleader and her coach turned up online.

Goshen High School said one of their cheerleading coaches took the nude picture at a recent party.

Not only did she took a nude picture of a minor, she appeared topless with the 15-year-old cheerleader.

It circulated through e-mail, and that's when the school asked police to get involved.

A cheerleading coach and an assistant football coach have both been fired.

County School officials say Victoria Schattauer and Andrew Emerson were fired and the
15-year-old student faces disciplinary action. Emerson, 19, held a party at his house last weekend where Schattauer and the student took the nude pictures. Officials say neither coach taught in Goshen Schools.

"They have to be the right role models, and that is exactly what we expect from our employees," Goshen Superintendent Charlene Thomas said.

Thomas said the school board fired 19-year-old assistant coach Andrew Emerson for hosting the party and 19-year-old freshman cheerleader coach Victoria Schattauer for allegedly providing alcohol to a freshman at the party.

School officials said Schattauer took the partially nude picture with the freshman.

"This is a little bit early in the investigation, but whatever measures are taken that is appropriate with eligibility, discipline, that will be taken with our administration," Thomas said.

The cheerleader coach's stepfather said he did not know about the incident, but said he was very disappointed with his daughter's actions.

The mother of the freshman in the picture had no comment.

Meanwhile, parents with kids in the school were shocked.

"I would hope that parents would talk to their kids; it's not something that should be going around and not something that should be happening at a high school at all," said parent Sarah Clift.

Police were still determining whether to pursue criminal charges in the case.